my grandmother

Olga Riedeburg

My Grandmother, Olga Riedeburg, was a special person in my life. Creative and loving, she was always ready to help me try something new, whether it was planting a vegetable garden to see how plants grew or sewing a dress completely by hand. In her early seventies, she “took up” ceramics and made plates shaped like the leaves of her walnut trees, aqua glazed bowls and mugs with pictures of each family member doing what they loved best. In the center of her dining room table, she always kept a small tree, its trunk and branches covered with gold thread and the slightly curling leaves made of sparkling green glass. It seemed magical to me, where could one get such a thing? It was only after she died that I discovered that my grandmother had made it herself.


GRAM HLDS BABY ANNIn her eighties she began to paint—daffodils in a porcelain vase, the orange clivia blooming by her porch, and her paneled front door guarded by a black dachshund foot scraper. My favorite was a view of the canyon outside her living room window painted at twilight, the orange tinted sky yielding to the blue night and the lights of houses and cars illuminating the dark hills. My grandmother showed me that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. I hope you will enjoy her paintings as much as I do.

Please see all of my grandmother’s paintings in portfolio number 6.